The Israeli Initiative - Questions and Answers

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How is it that right-wing MK Benny Elon is the one worrying about Palestinian refugees? Isn't this the banner of the left
Isn't the Israeli Initiative basically suggesting a type of 'transfer', that is forced removal of a population
Why is the Israeli Initiative based on cooperation with the international community
Why does Israel need to contend with the refugee problem? Why can't it build a fence and forget about everything
How does the Israeli Initiative contend with the possibility that the refugees will be incited not to cooperate with the plan and choose to remain as refugees in their place and as their position
Our conflict is with the Palestinians, not with the Jordanians. Where is the logic in choosing the Jordanians as a 'partner'
Why will the Jordanians involve themselves with this trouble
Why is the Israeli Initiative proposing perpetuating the occupation and ruling forever over another people
Aren't Judea and Samaria occupied Palestinian territory
Why not establish a Palestinian state in Judea and Samaria, as was guaranteed in Oslo
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